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What we do

Modelling, testing and supporting communities/ small holder farmers with adaptation strategies:

  • Climate smart agricultural technology
  • Sustainable land management practices-SLM
  • Agro-Forestry Models development
  • Climate resilience income generating activities – fish farming, shea butter processing, bee-keeping, processing and marketing of food stuff
  • Crop-livestock integration technology transfer.


Natural resource and environmental governance

  • Mobilizing farmers’ groups, youth and women, build their capacity policy dialogue and engagement on specific NRE issues
  • Networking with like-minded CSOs for specific advocacy issues –NCOM, CICOL, FWG, NGND etc
  • Issuing of policy briefs on farmers’ position on specific governance issues
  • Undertaken radio discussion on issues relating agriculture, agro-forestry, climate change, dry land degradation and environment

Rural economic research activities

  • Undertake enumeration activities
  • Data entry and analyses
  • (CVs of enumerators)


Water and sanitation

  • Community sensitization/education
  • Facilitate the formation and training of WATSAN committees